Drama Review: Laal Ishq’s First Episode

There are some dramas which have strong impact on their viewers, Landa Bazaar was one amongst those. Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar was the writer and Landa Bazaar was his 4th venture, but his two dramas prior to Landa Bazaar were gigantic hit on the TV including Boota From Tooba Tek Singh and Chandpur Ka Chandu. Babar Ali was phenomenal in Landa Bazaar as Iqbal (aka Baali). Farah Shah looked gorgeously vivacious as Zohra, Ali Zafar was promising in the drama and Waseem Abbas as Mehar Chiraagh (aka Abba Jee) was the highlight of it. After 15 years, the director-writer team (Dilawar Malik and Qamar) are back with Laal Ishq which is the sequel of Landa Bazaar.

Laal Ishq’s first episode started after 22 years where Landa Bazaar ended. After murdering Mehar Hukam (Khalil Urrehman Qamar) Baali was sentenced to death and Jajji (Kashif Mehmood) promised to take care of Baali’s kids. In the first episode of Laal Ishq, Mehrunnisa (Saba Hameed) is shown as the widow of Mehar Mubarak who wants to see the death body of Baali and demands her father in law, Mehar Chiraagh to show her that. One thing leads to another and it is disclosed over Mehar Chiraagh that Baali is still alive and will soon be set free due to his good behavioral conduct.

Laal Ishq’s first episode helps viewers to recall Landa Bazaar and its plot. Babar Ali is still in the form and manages to live as Baali, the way he says “Chal rehnday” to the rickshaw driver was nicely done. Waseem Abbas is still one of the best as Abba Jee, with amazing dialogues and brilliant delivery. Abbas is classic at whatever he does. Tauqeer Nasir as Yawar Kamaal is stronger than expected. Nasir plays his character with complete understanding and ease making you believe that he is still the veteran in the drama industry.

The highlight of Laal Ishq’s first episode is undoubtedly the scene between Mehar Chiraagh and Yawar Kamaal when they both are shown playing chess. The entire scene is written with brilliance. Waseem Abbas and Tauqeer Nasir are in their finest forms, the verbal tussle between the two is amazingly shot, written and performed. Those who have seen Tauqeer Nasir and Waseem Abbas in 80’s dramas together will love this sequence. Raiza Raiza, Fishaar and Samundar are a few dramas from the past where these two legends came together and performed extraordinarily.

Now, let’s talk about the downsides of Laal Ishq’s first episode. The make-up of some characters is weirdly done. Saba Hameed looks a lot dolled up, than her character required, in most of the scenes; the way beards and hairstyle have been set for some characters (including Baali) are anything but realistic. Kashif Mehmood is loud and does not impress as Jajji, although he was good in Landa Bazaar. At times the drama, although it is the beginning, looks a little dragged for no reason. Laal Ishq needs to pace up as the moment a drama drags audience lose its interest.

Here is the link to Laal Ishq’s first episode, watch it and share your opinion: