Copying Blatantly – “Saat Din Mohabbat In”

It looks like Pakistani filmmakers and concept writers have serious issues of coming up with original concepts. Earlier there were dialogues which used to be copied from Bollywood, then came Sangeeta, Shamim Ara and Syed Noor clan who shamelessly copied cross-border films and even mixed the stories of 3 films in one and released in Pakistan with actors like Jan Rambo, Babar Ali and Saud etc.

Recently, the director Duo Meenu and Farjad have started the shooting of Shehryar Munawer and Mahira Khan starrer “Saat Din Mohabbat In” in Karachi. This film is the first production venture of Dawn Films.

The sad part is that the title “Saat Din Mohabbat In” is big time inspired from a famous dialogue from 2003’s Bollywood blockbuster Kal Ho Na Ho, which was enacted by Shahrukh Khan, here is the clip; watch it…

Recently films like Balu Mahi, Mehrunisa V Lub U and others have been discussed and criticized for copying content from Bollywood; and now here is another title which highlights the same concern again. Should we believe and accept that Pakistani filmmakers, writers and film-industry cannot come up with original or uninspired stuff?

This is kind of depressing as the entire promotion of slogan of “Revival of Pakistani Cinema” will go down the drain if this copy/inspiring threat is not stopped. Don’t take public / audience for granted, next time they might not get lucky under any slogan if audience will realize the inability of talent and quality of entertainment in Pakistani films.

It’s time to wake up filmmakers.