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Copied Songs Of Bollywood Become Inspiration – It Happens Only In India

Bollywood is known for melodious music and great compositions. Irrespective of many inspirations and out and out copied music, Bollywood music had reigned in the past and is still recalled by many music-lovers. There were two widely known music composers whose songs were both massive hits yet had the impression of copying every bit from western and Mexican music etc. Yes, they were none other than Bappi Lahiri and Annu Malik. Just like in Pakistan, every one doubts the originality of Syed Noor’s plots; in Bollywood everyone had this feeling that almost every third song would be copied (read: inspired) from west, in the case of Bappi and Annu. Anyway, currently it is felt that Bollywood is suffering from serious musical issues. I cannot recall many melodious songs from the last few years’ movies. There are a few good tracks but they are very scarce.

Recently, every film features one or two music tracks from 80’s or 90’s and reprise them. The originality is lost somewhere. Plus, the reprise versions are not good either; they lack the kick and the melody. Today, songs don’t offer repeat value but there was a time when every song used to be on repeat. Following are a few songs which are inspired and recreated but they aren’t good to listen; perhaps people today watch songs and don’t listen to them that is why producers spend more on visuals, filming, performers and designers rather than music.

Tamma Tamma Again:

Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast:

Laila Main Laila:

Saara Zamana Haseeno Ka Dewana:

Nachaangay Saari Raat:

Oye Oye!

Na Jaanay Kahan Se:

So, what do you think? Which songs do you like the most? Do share your favorite songs and also mention the songs which we have skipped.

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