International Changing Diabetes Campaign Comes To Pakistan

It is rightly said that “Health is wealth”. One realizes the significance of health when it starts to get affected in one way or the other. We, as sensible individuals, need to take care of our health and adopt healthy lifestyle. We see hashtag “Fitness Goals” allover Instagram posts and flood our timelines with it but what’s the use of it if we don’t implement this in our own lives. Eating junk on daily basis, consuming colas, energy drinks and by spending most of the time in front of computers, laptops and lost in smartphones we are indulging ourselves in unhealthy way of living. Such lifestyle will soon cause damage to one’s life – this is guaranteed!

Diabetes is a serious issue in Pakistan and the rate is growing exponentially. In order to decline the diabetic patients’ graph in Pakistan, it is vital to live a life that is a mixture of eating good, sleeping well, exercising daily and monitoring one’s diet. Novo Nordisk started a campaign titled Changing Diabetes which has already improved the lifestyle of people living abroad, as it’s an international campaign. Wasim Akram, the Sultan of Swing, is the brand ambassador of Changing Diabetes, in Pakistan. Wasim Akram was diagnosed with diabetes at a very young age and since then he is motivating and inspiring people to live a healthy life.

Wasim Akram Changing Diabetes Novo Nordisk 3

Novo Nordisk has always come up with great ideas for the betterment of the society and individuals. Again this time, with Changing Diabetes campaign, Novo Nordisk has proved that the brand cares about people and wants to improve their life. It is one serious issue that seven million individuals are living with diabetes in Pakistan while 7million are on verge if no preventive measures are taken. According to a recent survey, 35 to 37.5 million people above 20 are suffering from diabetes in Pakistan; this is very alarming and needs to be fought on much larger level.

Wasim Akram Changing Diabetes Novo Nordisk 1

The entire idea behind Changing Diabetes campaign is to create awareness in masses of Pakistan about the seriousness of diabetes and how to stay away from it. Following are a few practices which can help you fight and stay safe from diabetes:

Eat healthy and clean food,

Avoid carbonated, sweet and energy drinks,

Keep an eye on what you eat in terms of calories and side effects,

Healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining weight & avoiding tobacco use can prevent or delay diabetes.

If not controlled now, by 2040 Pakistanis will be the 8th biggest population of diabetic patients in the world.

To track all the details about this amazing campaign by Novo Nordisk, search for the hashtag #ChangingDiabetes on Twitter and you will get to know all the details about it.

Bring a positive change in your life, live your life on your conditions and fulfill your dreams with the best of the health.