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Recalling The Gems Of Sajjad Ali On His 51st Birthday

He is an institution of pop and classical singing; yes I am talking about Sajjad Ali. Sajjad Ali is one of those Pakistani singers who are loved and respected all around the world because of their modesty and superlative talent. The boy who sang Madam Noor Jehan’s songs Baawri Chakori (in Silver Jubilee show), in front of her back in his teen-age had something special and that made him a prominent name. It was never easy to please Madam Noor Jehan but while that young kid was singing her song, she nodded two to three times in appreciation. That was the beginning of Sajjad Ali.

Then came 90’s and Khalid’s Pakistani version of Di Di sang by Sajjad Ali as Babia. Babia was a rage in early 90’s, I still remember the song used to be aired exactly 5 minutes before 9 O Clock news bulletin. The song was not just pop but also had a classical “raag” portion where Sajjad Ali proved his command. Babia was hit with almost every other song being the most listened track.

Sajjad Ali also did filmy songs and even a few films. His film album Aik Aur Lovestory was a mega hit with purest form of filmy songs. On his birthday, we bring some unforgettable songs of Sajjad Ali.


Tum Naraaz Ho

Chief Saab

This song has a lot attached to it, irrespective of the fact that Chief Saab was mega-success with Sajjad Ali’s long hair. Chief Saab was also sang again by Sajjad Ali for Jawed Sheikh’s masala entertainer “Chief Saab”, filmed on Saleem Shaikh, Behroz Subzwari and Ismail Tara.

Mujhe Tumse Pyar Hai

Pata Bata Do

Sohni Lag Dee

After becoming a crazy hit in Pakistan the same song was done in India with Gulshan Grover and other models for pop-album. Even in India Sohni Lag Dee was gigantic hit.


Again another project which Sajjad Ali did in India.

Teri Yaad

This song became an instant hit – OST of a drama serial.

Har Zulm Tera

This ghazal of Sajjad Ali is very famous and popular. In many ghazal gatherings this is a repeat request from attendees.

Chal Rehnday

Din Pareshaan Hai (Bol)

Easily this song can be termed both soothing and heartwarming. Beautiful lyrics with amazing style of singing. A song that deserves to be on “repeat”

Tamasha (with Bohemia)

This song is a brilliant collaboration between Bohemia and Sajjad Ali, the ease in singing, the video and the lyrics are simple, easy to understand and hum-along-with!

Coke Studio – Kirr Kirr Kirr

This is an amazing playful song which Coke Studio has ever produced. Look at the energy of Sajjad Ali in this song, he has command over his words and they come as natural. You can’t stop yourself singing along with this song.

We wish Sajjad Ali a very happy birthday.