Alkaram Moriya Dvc – Flawless Colors, Designs And Execution

A well-made digital video commercial is very hard to find. Usually ad-filmmakers try to bring something unique but end up in confusing the brand’s image and at times highlight celebrities more than the brand they are endorsing. Many TVCs and DVCs by Qmobile, Fresh-Up and the recently released Telenor Pakistan’s Gawala one mostly highlight the celebrity who is endorsing the brand and fail to showcase the brand’s identity, message and features smartly. In a world of many heads there are a few brains as well and this is proven by the latest DVC of AlKaram. The video commercial of Moriya by AlKaram, for Spring Summer 2018, featuring Ayezah Khan is brilliant conceptualized and executed. Let’s watch it here:

AlKaram – Moriya DVC

The best thing about this DVC is that it highlights the colorful prints launched by AlKaram under Moriya in such a way that they look vibrant, beautiful and the designs are impossible to ignore. Video Commercial features one of the prominent names from TV and modeling industry of Pakistan i.e. Ayezah Khan but she does not overshadow the brand or its product in any way. In fact, the locations and videography help the entire shoot look flawless and creative. The team behind the DVC of AlKaram’s Moriya should be appreciated for coming up with such an interesting concept that it stays with its audience and the designs make an impact in the minds of them.


After all, if an advertisement cannot make its viewers impulsive to buy that product, it’s a total waste. But the TVC of AlKaram is very appealing and makes you want to either hit the AlKaram store or order it online. That’s the power of a brilliant and creative digital video commercial.


The DVC is produced by Ramsha Kohati for Digital Invasion (production house), executive producer Faisal Durrani and directed by Soheb Akhter; hats off to them for bringing such a fresh breeze in terms of visuals, background score and how it is shot entirely.

Alkaram-Moriya-2018-b Alkaram-Moriya-2018-1

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