Alif Allah Aur Insaan – Episode 16 An Epic One!

Well I must say what an epic episode! This drama serial is getting better with each week. Every scene is done with perfection by each person. If you want to enjoy some reality based and brilliant serial then you should definitely go for this one.

So finally Shahzeb’s confusion is over and he has come to know the reason behind his misery. The problem he was facing was due to his behavior towards Nigar’s love. How he has ignored and insulted her love. It was due to Chaman Beghum that Shahzeb realized he has hurt and rejected the love of someone and now he is facing the same as a curse. Zaitoon and Shahzeb then shared some interesting conversation where Zaitoon again proved to be a very sensible woman. She calmed him down by saying that it was not his fault to reject Nigar’s love. But along with that she also asked him to apologize to her for his behavior. But it was too late as poor Nigar Beghum is no more.

Reena Beghum’s subconscious has started playing tricks with her. Because deep inside she feels guilty about what she has done and now she is hallucinating about seeing Nigar Beghum in her room. It also seems that Rani has finally accepted her new life. She has realized that there is no use of crying now thats why she behaved very composed in front of the flower vendor.

Well the most interesting scenes of this episode were those of Nazneen’s conspiracy. She finally seems to be succeeded because her father has agreed on her marriage with Basit. She has proved that she knows how to get something done even when it looks impossible. But Basit’s reaction got changed when he comes to know that it was all Nazneen’s plan. He seems very scared on knowing what Nazneen has done just to marry him.

But the twist arises when Basit’s mother caught them red handed and inform Qadir about everything. They both seem extremely hurt and Qadir said that he can’t lie to Malik Hashmat about all this. In both situations, Shahzeb has definitely lost everything.So the preview seems very promising as well. This episode was a fun package as a whole. All actors have done their best specially Shehzad Sheikh and Kubra Khan. Mikaal has also improved a lot and now his situation has also got interesting.

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