Akbar And Anthony To Reunite In 102 Not Out

Recently a picture has gone viral on internet because it definitely could not handle the surprise element. There were two amazing Bollywood veterans in that picture, Amitabh Bachan and Rishi Kapoor. The factor that has put us all in surprise is their looks for the upcoming movie “102 Not Out”. Amitabh has played the role of 102 years old man and Rishi is acting as his son who is 75 years old.

This film is actually a remake of Gujrati writer Somya Joshi’s hard work. After the release of a picture on social media has made it popular. There is a lot of sharing and best wishes going on. We all know that these two actors are truly opposite to each other but one thing that unites them together is their amazing acting skills. Amitabh is known as Action King while Rishi is famous for his heart melting romance. 41 years ago they appeared together in their first film Kabhi Kabhi.


Later fate has united them many times and each film was blockbuster. But the film that is still imprinted on our hearts is Amar Akbar Anthony. Their couple as actors proved to be extraordinary and great hit. Then they worked on many other films as well like Naseeb, Coolie and Ajooba. There were many ups and downs in their relation as well. But they have always sorted out those emotional issues and respected each other’s families.

So now finally fate has brought them together after 26 years in the form of 102 Not Out. The legendary actors are playing the role of father and son. Their chemistry is definitely something to look forward to. In this film, Amitabh will be 102 years old man who wanted to break the world record of the world’s oldest man who is 118 years old. This story will be both funny and sad as mentioned by the director.


Its shooting has been started and much effort is being put in their makeup and dressing style.