Abdullah – Nothing Much To Offer

Pakistani cinema is going through a phase, especially after ban of showcasing Indian movies in the state, where two things are in extreme need; first is release of at least one movie every week and secondly every movie should have entertainment quotient attached to it. Recently, Hashim Nadeem’s “Abdullah” released in the cinema houses of Pakistan. The movie features Sajid Hasan, Hameed Sheikh, Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan in pivotal roles. Let’s see what Abdullah has to offer to its viewers.

Abdullah is a story of a truck driver by the name of Abdullah (Hameed Sheikh), whose life turns upside down when he gives lift to Tajik and Russian citizens to cross Quetta. Things go haywire and Abdullah is sent to prison. Inspector Zamaan (Sajid Hasan) investigates the case with undivided focus. What happens next is what Abdullah is all about. Abdullah also features a romantic track between Abdullah (Iman Abbas) and Zohra (Sadia Khan).


Performance wise, Abdullah rests on the able shoulders of Hameed Sheikh. Sheikh is brilliant in expressing the finest moments of uneasiness to the scenes where he is helpless and strong willed. This kind of character could only be handled with maturity and by a mature performer; and full marks go to Hameed Sheikh. Sajid Hasan is okay. In some scenes he looks fatigued and in others he tries too hard to make dialogues believable but due to poor dialogue he misses the impact. Imran Abbas is a letdown; it would have been great if he could do a little research and diction practice for the role he was hopping on. Ditto for Sadia Khan.

Abdullah is a movie in which you can witness some finest cinematography of the current times but unfortunately the movie fails to impress collectively. The music of Abdullah is below average, apart from “Maula”, no other song can be registered. Script of Abdullah is mediocre with a few good one-liners which are delivered nicely; mostly by Sajid Hasan and Hameed Sheikh. Direction of Abdullah is weak collectively, but it has its fair share of pluses but those can be easily overshadowed by the minuses which the entire Abdullah experience offers to its viewers. I would rate Abdullah 2/5, mainly because of below average performances, weak dialogue and nominal entertainment value.

  • Performance
  • Direction
  • Music
  • Dialogue
  • Cinematography