Zareen Khan Trying Too Hard To Be Sexy – But Why?

Wajah Tum Ho is facing a lot of controversies these days. Apart from being a movie with too many bold scenes shown in the trailer, there is another latest track which recently hit the screens. Yes, we are talking about Zareen Khan’s item song titled “Maahi Ve”. Maahi Ve is a reprise version of Kaante’s much famous track “Maahi Ve” which was filmed on gracefully hot Malaika Arora. The latest version is hardly any stylish or classy as compared to the previous one.

Zareen Khan Trying To Be Sexy!

Zareen Khan is trying too hard to look “sexy” and “seductive” but sorry to say she terribly fails big-time to get that needed attention. Let’s recall the original version of Maahi Ve here:

Now that you have seen how nicely and aesthetically the original one was filmed on the Queen of sensational videos Angelic-Malaika Arora, here’s what Zareen Khan has come up with.

Apart from Kaante’s “Maahi Ve”, the song is also a tad inspired with Mushafir’s “Saaqi Saaqi Re” which was filmed on sizzling and sultry Koeena Mitra. If you look at the moves of the latest Maahi Ve from Wajah Tum Ho, you’ll get to see moves are seriously copied (sorry: inspired) from “Saaqi”; here watch this.

It looks like Zareen Khan who was introduced with a clean and performance oriented cape in b-town is now all set to get back in the business by literally doing everything, for instance, following are few songs which prove that Zareen is trying to be listed in the category of hot, sexy and bold heroines of Bollywood. Watch these songs and you’ll get a fair idea.

But Zareen Khan, the impact which you created with this following song was a lot stronger than the recent ones.

Wajah Tum Ho features Sana Khan in her sexiest avatar, Sharman Joshee in angry but wise man’s character, Gurmeet Chaudhry and Rajneesh Duggal.

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