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Wrong No. – A Senseless Laugh Riot

What’s the sure-shot way to launch a blockbuster at the box office, when there’s an intersection of a festival and long weekend? Create a masala entertainer, market it on (literally) every platform and get loads and loads of business. Well, that’s exactly what YNH (Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir and Hassan Zia) Films did. Wrong No. is one of the most hyped movies of this year, produced in Pakistan. Yasir and Nida have produced Nadaaniaan (a TV Sitcom) that gained massive popularity. One can only expect mega dose of laughter and entertainment from their first movie. Danish Taimoor, after Jalaibee needed a performance to save his career in the Pakistani movie industry. Javed Sheikh has proved yet again that his comic timing is among the finest ones in the industry after Na Maloom Afraad’s huge success. Would Wrong No. be able to do great business at the box office? Will it be a turning point for the main leads? Let’s explore!

Theatrical Trailer – Wrong No.

Wrong No. starts with Sallu (Danish) running away from his home because his father Haji Abba (a butcher by profession) wants him to get married with Laila (Sohai Ali Abro) and join him in his business; either of which Sallu doesn’t want. Sallu plans to sneak into the empire of Sheharyar (Sallu’s look alike). Shehryar visits Pakistan for the first time and his subordinate Haya (Janita Asma) visits Karachi from Lahore to take him to Lahore. On the contrary, Shera (Shafqat Cheema) and Danish Nawaz both want to abduct Sheharyar to get ransom from his grandfather who is a Nawab (Qavi Khan). What happens next in intermingling of male protagonists and their female leads is what Wrong No. all about.

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Performance wise, Wrong No. depends mainly upon the shoulders of its greatly ensemble supporting cast. Javed Sheikh is a treat to watch, especially his expressions and one liners would keep audiences smiling and laughing at one point or the other during the entire movie. Nayyar Ejaz (Gullu Butt) is a revelation. Although his character has very limited screen presence but as they say a strong actor does not need lengthy role to impress his viewers. He cannot go “unnoticed”. Danish Nawaz and Nadeem Jafry are good in their respective characters. Danish is very entertaining and it’s his highest leap from what he usually does on television screens. Danish has the accurate talent for movies, particularly comic ones. Nadeem Jafri does not have many dialogues but his presence is very strong and some of his dialogues will be repeated by viewers.


Danish Taimoor, the male lead of Wrong No., does not impress. This was a perfect role for any actor to nail it because it offers all i.e. drama, comedy, romance and dance. He needs to improve his dancing big time. There are two sentimental and dramatic scenes in the movie which center him and he looks fatigued in them. As far as his comic dialogues are concerned, it’s the dialogue which will make the audiences laugh – not the way he has delivered them. Janita Asma needs to improve her acting skills, period. Sohai Ali Abro carries a huge baggage of Pyarey Afzal’s Yasmeen’s character. She performs like the same she did in that drama.

Kundi From Wrong No.

Shafqat Cheema is average. Yasir Nawaz in a cameo is good. Tooba Siddiqui in a song is an eye candy. One special mention for the kid is must. There’s no way audience could ever stop laughing or forget his dialogues, expressions and plea. The kid is very very cute. The guy playing the younger brother of Sallu is promising.

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As director, Yasir Nawaz has impressed and Wrong No. being his directorial debut makes him stand in the queue of dependable and able directors. Movie’s songs are good, not great.

Wrong No. is a laugh riot, thanks to the supportive cast to make that impactful. At the box office, Wrong No. will be a huge success and the reason is quite simple it’s mindless comedy. Leave your brain at home or outside the theater when you plan to watch it.

I would rate is 3.5 out of 5.

Some pictures from Wrong No. Premiere

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