VTV Launched By SIK Networks Solutions Ltd

Information and entertainment are two core elements for any channel as they are massively consumed by the society. An Asian infotainment channel, Vision Television Network (VTV) is launched today by SIK Network Solutions Ltd. That’s based out of Manchester. The channel will be airing regional shows from Manchester and will also show entertainment based programs from the top most prominent channel from Pakistan.


The Asian infotainment channel will go on air on SKY 868. The primary goal of this channel revolves around creating awareness through the local content, plus it will also help in bridging the gaps between the multiple ethnic communities. This is a good step to bring communities closer and will allow then to unite.

The announcement was made by Ms. Iram Tahir and Dr. Saleem Khan, Directors to the company, and Ms. Erum Masood, Director Operations and Programming.


Prominent celebrities from Pakistan like Ghana Ali, Anam Tanveer, Wali Hamid Ali and Aijazz Aslam will be present at The Sheridan Suite, Oldham Road, Manchester, M40 BRR on 25th February 2018, 17:30 hrs onwards.

VTV is a great initiative and the team behind this channel and idea should be appreciated for all the hard work and persistence which it put together to make this project possible. We wish the entire team of VTV all the best.

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