#ThrowBackWithMediaMagick – Jeetendra And Sridevi

In Bollywood many on screen pairs were famous and had amazing bonding between them; today we are going to remember the most notorious on-screen couple of Bollywood i.e. Jeetendra and Sridevi. Jeetendra was a superstar who was facing a decline in his career when he started pairing up with Sridevi, who was trying her best to get noticed in the filmy industry but unfortunately couldn’t make it big. One thing lead to another and with Himmatwala both gave a shattering blockbuster at the box office. With Himmtwala, the pair of Jeetendra and Sridevi skyrocketed. Audience strted to love their chemistry, their notorious and nasty jokes (thanks to the writer; mostly Kader Khan) became instant hit and recall-able. What happened next became the history.

List Of Movies Jeetendra and Sridevi Did:

  1. Himmatwala (1983)
  2. Jaani Dost (1983)
  3. Justice Chaudhary (1983)
  4. Mawaali (1983)
  5. Akalmand (1984)
  6. Tohfa (1984)
  7. Balidaan (1985)
  8. Sarfarosh (1985)
  9. Suhaagan (1986)
  10. Ghar Sansaar (1986)
  11. Aag Aur Shola (1986)
  12. Dharam Adhikaari (1986)
  13. Aulaad (1987)
  14. Majaal (1987)
  15. Himmat Aur Mehnat (1987)
  16. Sone Pe Suhaga (1988)

The best thing about Jeetu-Sri pair was that they worked in all sorts of movies from romcom to action flicks and from intense drama to out and out entertaining films. Plus, every song which was filmed on Jeetendra and Sridevi used to be huge in terms of production values and used to be a sure-shot hit. Most of the songs of them were sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle. From the 80’s this pair was amongst the most entertaining and satisfying on-screen jodi for the cine-goers. Following is a compilation of songs filmed on Jeetendra and Sridevi and we would love to give a tribute to them by remembering them today; as it’s #ThrowBackThursday

#ThrowBackWithMediaMagick – Jeetendra and SriDevi

We are sure that you must have enjoyed this compilation, and gone back to the memory lane when these songs were first heard by you. Do share your feedback and which songs you think should be there in this compilation.

We will be back with another on-screen pair which used to rule the hearts of audience back in their prime. After all, that is what entire #ThrowBackWithMediaMagick is all about.

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