Tarang – Religiously Following Its Advertising Bible

Every product has a specific market, keeping that in focus smart advertisers play their game. That’s not any rocket science but a simple formula to hit the bull’s eye. In Pakistan, there are very few products which are launched keeping the target market in close focus and then their TVCs have been conceived, executed and shot very carefully as per target audience. Tarang is one amongst such products which, right from the beginning has the same concept that keeps on getting better and better – one must agree. People even laughed at Tarang’s earlier TVCs but the fact is the target market enjoyed all the ads released for Tarang.

Tarang Team TVC Review mediamagick 2

The recently released TVC of Tarang is an amazing example of incorporating star-power, catchy lyrics and great music. Apart from that the tvc of Tarang TVC is very well shot and executed. Here is the TVC of Tarang, let’s watch it;

Tarang – TVC

Saba Qamar looks ravishing and her moves are so smooth and swift that they make viewers so involved that they enjoy her part, Sajjal Aly looks cute and sweet. Her move involving her elbow is smartly conceptualized – 100 out of 100 for creative thinking. Hareem Farooq is a born-star. She is so natural and effortless that you can’t ignore her confidence and ease in her moves and dancing steps.

Tarang Team TVC Review mediamagick 3

The playback is very strong, after all you can’t expect anything average than Mika Singh; Tarang has always brought some amazing jingles which are backed with strongest playback singers; be it Sukhwinder Singh (the volcano of talent) or Mika Singh (the singer with a touch of his own). The tvc is choreographed by Bosco Martis from Bosco Ceaser fame.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-29 at 16.31.53

Direction wise, Tarang’s latest TVC is interesting and very well made. Tarang’s new tvc has followed the tradition of keeping prominent film stars in its ad. Keep doing the great work!