Stop Bashing The SHAH of Pakistani Film Industry

In a country where ‘derailing’ is one of the most familiar words, some bunch of bloggers went on to accuse Syed Noor of derailing the Pakistani cinema with his latest contribution Chain Aye Na. The thing which came out as an eye-opener (at least for me) was that these bloggers-cum-critiques were of the view that Pakistani Entertainment industry has very much evolved and stabilized over the years. The transformation they brag about is nothing more than Gujjar-centric to forced-Patriotism movies. It’s still a long way to go for our cinema, and versatility is something that can make it happen by offering something for every kind of audience. Amid all this, Syed Noor tried to come up with a romantic-drama film that doesn’t have some moral or a forced conclusion. Actually, the film was an earnest attempt to make sure versatility prevails in the Pakistan cinema, and the films for pure entertainment (no message, no reason) also remain part of it.

The film had loopholes but the point to ponder is that many critiques left it unrated or went on giving it only 1 or 2 stars. The film has a gradually developing story with the watchable chemistry of the characters, which makes it worth-watching for the specific audience.

The unjust treatment of the critiques toward the film hit the climax when Syed Noor was accused of promoting domestic violence for portraying a scene in which Shahroz slaps Sarish Khan, the female lead of the film.  The point which makes me restless is that the out-of-context interpretation of the scene. If the similar scene would have been in a Hollywood romantic film, same people would have justified it saying it a wonderful act of sadism or extreme love.

The brains on the charge need to know the word ‘versatility’ and should have allowed the makers to float freely with their stories. To be very honest, quick accusations and wrong interpretations are more hazardous than a film which has sweat of hundreds of people in the making.

At the same time, you can’t call Syed Noor ‘outdated’, with taking away the credit of super-hit films like ‘Chooriyan’, ‘Majajan’, ‘Punjaban’ and many more from him.

Syed Noor in his latest press conference has also argued about the ill-treatment with his film. Furthermore, he also claimed that his film went on earning great moolah overseas and the disastrous verdicts from the critiques refrained from doing it so in Pakistan.

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