“SISAK” India’s First LGBTQ Romance Ready For Film Festival

LGBTQ is an acronym that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer. The topic and the term can raise fingers and turn heads. Keeping the main plot of the movie around LGBTQ is quite a bold step. In Indian, not many movies have touched this subject, there are a very few names which have slightly highlighted this concern. However in Bombay Talkies, one track revolving around Randeep Hooda and Saqib Saleem dealt with this niche. Without much wait, let’s watch the trailer of India’s first silent LGBTQ romance tale “Sisak” – a short film.

Theatrical Trailer SISAK

The name “Sisak” is very intriguing for such a sensitive topic. The director and writer of the movie Sisak, Faraz Sarif Ansari, was waiting for the right time to launch the movie, although the movie was completed last year. According to the director of the movie, this is he right time to launch the trailer and witness the reaction of the viewers and film-fraternity.

The trailer of Sisak is grasping, intense and shows a varied range of human emotion. The direction and camera work seem praise-worth. The setting is believable as well. Jitin Gulati and Dhruv Singh, the guys in the lead, look apt for the character and have strong screen presence. It looks like to be an interesting watch. Short-movies like Sisak are ray of hope for a more realistic cinema and can be taken as torch-bearer for such a topic.

Let’s see what is written in the destiny of Sisak – We wish the entire team of Sisak all the best for highlighting and showcasing a movie on such a serious matter; something that needs courage to be told and shown on celluloid. India is a conservative country with set perceptions of the masses, Sisak will be a game changer for the fans of Bollywood.

So, what’s your take on the trailer? Do share your views.