Rangreza – Colorblind!

A few USPs of Rangreza, right from the very first teaser, revolved around the music “Phool Khil Jaayen”, use of colors and for some Gohar Rasheed. As an album, unfortunately, post its release audience didn’t accept it positively. The film features Bilal Ashraf, Urwa Hocane, Gohar Rasheed, Tanweer Jamal and Saleem Mairaj along with others. Rangreza is directed by Amir Mohiuddin. Let’s see what the film has to offer.

Rangreza revolves around three characters Ali Zain (Bilal Ashraf) – a rock-star who falls in love with Reshmi (Urwa Hocane) – she is engaged to her cousin Waseem (Gohar Rasheed) a nasty, ill-tempered, notorious and egoistic fellow who is supremely possessive about Reshmi. Ali’s father fixes his engagement with a politician’s daughter. Reshmi knows her limitations and never responds to Ali’s moves. Gohar gets to know about the Ali’s involvement in Reshmi. What happens next on the backdrop of music, politics and family politics is what Rangreza is all about.

Rangreza’s script got lost in the translation somewhere. The characters are half baked, shallow and very weak in terms of buildup. The film cannot be categorized under any genre because of lousy storytelling. Rangreza is not a musical, as it does not offer brilliant music altogether, there are one or two songs which are good to listen for once or twice and that is it! Rangreza isn’t a typical romantic film as well. Audience cannot see romance blossoming between the two leads. So, for those who thought Rangreza would be a good romantic film, they will be highly disappointed with the film exploring nothing about romance or love in the film. Finally, Rangreza isn’t a subject oriented or film with a message. It is, in short, a confused take on relationships with complicated characters which even director and writer failed to understand in the process.

Performance wise Rangreza is an example of superlative letdown. With such heavy promotions and media buzz prior to the release it’s nothing but a big fat failure even on the very first two days of its release. Audience yawned in the theater, enjoyed nachos more than the “Naach” of the leading lady and loved eating corns rather than liking the corny lines by Gohar.

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Bilal Ashraf needs to work on his expressions, acting and skillset; else he’ll find it close to impossible to gather audience for his films. He looked timid, weird and even novice in a few scenes. Bilal tried to “act” too loud and lost the subtleness somewhere, cherry on top is that, director didn’t prompt him about that too. Urwa Hocane looked awfully weird in the entire film for god knows what reason, maybe her makeup was weirdly done, the kind of outfit she wore was anything but visually pleasant; plus that didn’t go with her physique as well. Gohar Rasheed tried his best to enact Akshay Kumar from Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi days but he fall flat on his face as he made his character Waseem Waalay synonymous to “Torture Waalay”. Gohar needs to understand that with extreme vocal exercising expressions and body language are also key elements to work upon. He must have thought that the film was going to be broadcasted on Radio.

Saleem Mairaj and Tanweer Jamal are the only two actors who gave their best and stick to what was required from them. The guy playing Bilal’s father is awful; ditto for Alyzeh Gabol.

Rangreza is a film which should by all means be avoided because everyone values their hard-earned money and if filmmakers still want audience to support Pakistani cinema then they should come out with quality films with good script, better acting, melodious music and a complete package rather than an excuse of limited resources.

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