Pakistan VS India – At The Box Office

Movies are the most favorite pass time for Indo-Pak citizens after cricket matches. In Pakistan, Indian movies are watched with same craze the way they are watched by Indians. Similarly, Pakistani dramas are as famous in India as they are in homeland.


14th August is the auspicious day for Pakistanis because it’s the Independence Day of Pakistan. On this Independence Day, many movies are releasing in Pakistani cinemas and out of which two movies on boxing will be showcased in the cinemas. “Brothers” (a Bollywood movie featuring Akshay Kumar, Siddharth Malhotra and Jackie Shroff) and “Shah” (a Pakistani movies based on real life of boxing Olympics champion Hussain Shah).

Now, the interesting thing is that, Shah and Brothers are both based on the theme of Boxing. Let’s see which movie does wonders at the box office. Our wishes are with both movies as both look promising.

It is a buzz that Brothers is a Bollywood version of a Hollywood movie titled “Warriors” released in 2011.

Whereas, Shah is based on the true story of Hussain Shah who rose from the streets of Layari, Karachi in Pakistan and became an Olympics champion.

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