New TVC By Rose Petal #Bhygiene Highlights Awareness

Rose Petal is worldwide recognized brand for tissues. The reputation of the brand is very good when it comes to tissues and cleaning papers. The marketing team of Rose Petal has come out with a creative campaign which highlights the significance of hygienic usage of tissues.

The new TVC of #Bhygiene campaign focuses 3 different situations i.e.

Rose Petal Case A: Mother wiping her child’s nose with her stole, after he sneezes

Rose Petal Case B: Man using public toilet and sitting on the commode

Rose Petal Case C: A woman cleaning kitchen cabinet with a piece of cloth

In all these situations #Bhygiene appears and hand over

– Rose Petal Tissues in Case A,

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– Maxob in Case B and


– Zzoop Paper Towel in Case C for cleaning purposes.


All these cleaning materials are created specifically for the purposes associated with them. The concept of the campaign is very nice and Rose Petal comes with the right message and promotes the hygiene factor with #Bhygiene ad campaign.

Even over Twitter the campaign is doing phenomenally good as people are raising their voice to take the message forward.

Tweets On Rose Petal’s #Bhygiene campaign

Always take care of hygienic conditions and don’t make such blunders which these people are making in the TVC,

TVC of #Bhygiene Campaign By Rose Petal