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This New Feature Of WhatsApp Is Cool Yet Alarming

It is rumored that WhatsApp, the famous chatting android app ‘WhatsApp’, is working on the brand new feature of tracking your contacts i.e. those you are interacting with. Well, Sounds Dangerous; doesn’t it?

It is observed in the beta version of updated WhatsApp, Available on Android version 2.16.399 and iOS version, you will be able to track everyone that is added to a group chat. This feature sounds a bit risky for those who are very much sensitive about their privacy but it will help those who will be planning to catch up in a party though, to get actually located in real time.

What do you think is it useful or not? Or maybe it is not that good for those who are sensitively attached with each other. I personally don’t think that so many people will like this feature. Though it will ask a user’s permission before getting he/she tracked but why do you think a husband or a boyfriend will refuse to give permission to access? So it can cause ultimate disaster to many affairs.

If it is something you desired for, you are lucky to have it, but for now it is limited for a one, two or five minute’s duration to track. It is not officially declared yet and this feature is still in testing mode, let us see the response of WhatsApp users which, can be positive, or might be negative for some reasons. May be the ‘seen’ message feature was also bit tricky, but this is going to be a real trouble!

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