Naam Shabana Movie REview
Naam Shabana Has Its Fair Share Of Ups And Downs

After Pink, Tapsee Pannu is considered among one of the finest talent in Bollywood. Her latest venture Naam Shabana which is the prequel of Baby released last week. Naam Shabana is brought to you by the able team of Neeraj Pandey who has great movies under his sleeves like A Wednesday, Special 26 and Baby. The film also features some prominent names in cameos and extended cameos to keep the audience glued to their seats. Let’s see what Naam Shabana has to offer to its viewers.

Naam Shabana revolves around Shabana Khan who accidentally murders her father to save her mother, her life changes from that point but soon she again faces turmoil when her boyfriend is murdered in front of her eyes and police refuses to help her. Here enters Ranvir Singh (special agency officer), who asks her to join their team after getting the revenge of her boy friends’ murder, in which his department will help her. What happens next is what Naam Shabana is all about.

Performance wise, Naam Shabana rests on Tapsee’s shoulders and she carries it very well. The expressionless face and “follow the command” attitude is best portrayed by Tapsee. In some scenes where there was emotional outburst is required, she plays them terrifically. Tapsee looks fit and suitable for the character. Manoj Bajpai is in complete form plus he is given with some great dialogues. Bajpai’s every scene is filled with stellar performance.

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Akshay Kumar in an extended cameo is very effective, from his body language to his dialogue delivery; it’s a smoot sail for him. Anupamkher in a guest appearance brings back the peculiarity of Baby with complete ease. Prithviraj Sukumaran (as Tony) impresses with his action scenes. It’s one of his better works as compared to his last 2 Bollywood ventures Aiyyaa and Aurangzeb.

naam shabana review

The direction of Naam Shabana is a little weak. Shivam Nair needs to handle action scenes slightly differently. The same was experienced in Bhaag Johnny, his last venture. Neeraj Pandey as writer impresses, Naam Shabana is not close to A Wednesday or Special 26 but it’s quite decent. Dialogues are good and offer recall value as well.

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Music of Naam Shabana is weak, although the movie only requires music just for the sake of it. All in all, Naam Shabana will do well in multiplexes but it won’t connect with the masses. If you are a Neeraj Pandey fan then you will like the movie, else you might be disappointed.

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