Mubasher Lucman Influential Pakistani
Mubasher Lucman – The Influential Media Personality

Social media plays a very significant role in the lives of people, whether commoners or celebrities. One gets to interact easily and freely with people whom they want and whenever they want. In Pakistan, Twitter and Facebook are largely used by celebrities and politicians. Recently, a survey has been conducted which shares the list of most influential Pakistanis in 2017. Imran Khan enjoys the 1st position, Mubasher Lucman is at 2nd and Malik Riaz enjoys the 3rd position in that list. News and current affairs have a very huge audience in Pakistan, with so many anchor persons and analysts it is very tough to lead the race and Mubasher Lucman enjoys the position of being most influential media personality in Pakistan.

Only on Twitter, Mubasher Lucman has a massive following of 4.06 million whereas on Facebook he has 837 K fans. Lucman keeps himself engaged with his fans. The best thing about Mubasher Lucman is that he takes journalism very seriously; according to him, betterment in the society and state should be brought from journalism. This is the reason why he always talks on topics which are hardcore and need attention by the masses. Lucman knows his power of rationality and based on that he brings a positive change in the society with his talk shows, social media profiles and discussions.

Mubasher Lucman is not just an analyst but also a very patriotic person who have also stood for the favor of Pakistan and Pakistanis. Lucman, is one person whose wide investigation and realistic conclusions set him separately from the crowd of television anchors and journalists busy amongst the war of ratings. Where other struggle for rating points, Mubasher Lucman is direct and hides nothing because he seeks impartiality and says only the truth, vicious or unpleasant!

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