Mathira Proves That Sexy Controversy Sells

She is not someone who’d e always following Late Junaid Jamshaid’s famous track “Uss Raah Per”; she knows she can create controversies and she has the knack of making things go viral. I know being a marketer that there is no specific formula make things go “Viral” just like that but controversies sure help things to go to another level. Yes, the entire introduction is about Pakistan’s 2nd most controversial female celebrity Mathira (Late Qandeel Balouch being the 1st).

It is seen that for the last few years, Mathira is trying her best to become not only the eye-candy but the head turner and sex symbol of Pakistan. This is largely evident through her music videos, interviews and item songs. Just like Vidya Balan was after “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment” in “Dirty Picture”; Mathira is out and about for “Standing Ovations” ;)

Here are a few of her videos and music videos where she is trying to do every possible thing that she could to get “Noticed” way too differently.

Neray Aah – Mathira

Butter Jawaani – Mathira

Item Song From Raasta

Jaadugar – Mathira

The point is not whether this is right or wrong, in entertainment and media world one shouldn’t come up with such things but the main question is, “Is she doing it the way it should be done?” There has to be a proper way to do improper things – if only she understands this. One can only define it as, there’s Rakhi Sawant in Bollywood and Malaika Arora as well, they both are known for item songs, but only one out of them carries class.

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