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What Makes KEDARNATH A Must Watch Bollywood Movie?

Abishek Kapoor is known for his different style of storytelling and execution, at least that’s we have witnessed in his previous films like Rock On, Kai PoChe and Fitoor. Although Kapoor’s movies don’t shatter the box office records frequently but there’s a specific set of audience who like to experience his kind of cinema. The trailer of Kedarnath is out and the film was already gathering up a lot of buildup because of the fact that this will be Sara Ali Khan’s debut film; everyone wants to see what Saif-Amrita daughter has in store for audience to offer. Sushant Singh Rajput is one of those actors who seems very selective in picking up any character of movie, so if he has signed a film like Kedarnath, there must be some solid grounds.

Trailer: Kedarnath

After watching the trailer of Kedarnath, I am excited to watch the film because of 4 major reasons, which are mentioned below:

#1: Kedarnath Offers Visual Delight

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I must say, I was enthralled by with the teaser of Kedarnath; it was magnanimously alluring. There’s no doubt that the director has captured some amazing shots which are showcased in the trailer; right from the serene beauty of the temple to the havoc of the flood which hit Kedarnath – everything seems aesthetically flamboyant. The trailer of Kedarnath seems so flawless and impactful on laptops and TV-screens just imagine how awe-inspiring it will be on the 70 mm screen for the audience!

#2: Sushant – Sara Chemistry Sparks Fire

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Sushant Singh Rajput is an able actor who tries his best to get in to the skin of the character; those who have kept a track of his performances know that the actor does justice with his character under all circumstances. Sara Ali Khan looks impressive in the trailer of Kedarnath, (it can be my opinion that there are traces of Amrita Singh from Barsaat – but then again that’s just me at the moment thinking on those lines). All her scenes are good and don’t give an impact that this film will be her debut. Special mention for the lip-lock scene between Sara-Sushant it’s looks passionate, intense and full of expressions.

#3: Unusual Treatment Of Hindu – Muslim Romance

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We have seen many films on the plot where a Hindu falls in love with Muslim and vice-versa, but to be honest, a film (read: story) that is rooted in Uttrakhand will have a slightly different approach in terms of storytelling. Roja, Veer-Zara, Dahek and many other movies were based on Hindu-Muslim romance and they all were tragic love stories. Let’s see what Kedanath’s story has to offer.

#4: Exploring The Culture Of Uttrakhand

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From the scenes which are shown in the trailer, one thing must be appreciated that the director tried to capture norms and culture of Uttrakhand earnestly. By showing the pithoo community and then developing romance between a rich Hindu girl and Muslim pithoo (one who carries tourists on their shoulders) the contrast is quite interesting.

Kedarnath is releasing on 7th December, 2018. From the trailer it’s looking fresh, interesting and visually remarkable film, will have to wait for its release to let you know more about it.

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