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Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti – Episode 11 Review

With the 11th episode of Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti, there is another twist in the tale now. Jibran visit the shop after attending the call on Imaan’s phone from Faaris and he creates a huge scene there. He asks Imaan’s fther ti fire Faaris and let him leave the shop; else he might go to another extreme to treat Faaris. Imaan’s father asks Faaris to leave the shop and never return or show his face to him. This shatters the heart of Faaris and he walks away.

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Maaham gets to know about this from Jibran’s sister and finds it amazing news for her. On the other hand Jibran’s mom keeps treating Imaan in a not-so-good way. According to her, Imaan needs to follow every instruction which Shah Saahab tells her to do. When Jibran’s mom takes Imaan to Shah Saahab, Imaan feels very tired and couldn’t reach there, on which Jibran’s mother creates a huge mess at the home and Jibran also finds it illogical but couldn’t say much in front of his mother. When Imaan’s family comes to know about her illness, her father takes Imaan home for a few days after taking permission from his sister.

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Meanwhile, Jibran’s sister shows interest in Faaris and this time Faaris also responds in affirmation. He agrees to meet her and she gives him 35,000 rupees from her savings. The plot starts to take another turn from here as this is a new shade in the character of Faaris. It looks like there’s something new in store for the viewers and Faaris is now up to something else, which is evident from how he smiled at Jibran’s sister in the café. Let’s see what this drama has to offer to its viewers in coming epsodes.