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Kim Kardashian Teaches Digital Marketing

Hello Everyone, I am sure you all must be aware of the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. It’s quite a rage these days, everyone is getting back into limelight. Celebrities are actually taking it to another level by creating a buzz and relaunching themselves as the brand ambassadors of peace and harmony.

Anyway, after most of the celebrities tried their tactics with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it’s Kim Kardashian the “selfie queen”, who appeared on Ellen DeGeneres Show and participated in the Challenge; in front of the audience and the camera.

Digital marketers need to learn digital marketing skills from Kim Kardashian. She made it sure that she nailed it right.

Following are a few images which will make you understand which digital marketing skills digital marketers can learn from the Selfie Queen.

1 – Get Set And Go!

Be ready and be prepared for what’s coming next. Being a digital marketing professional it is important to be proactive when gauging the risks and “about to face” elements.

Look at the way Kim is all set to take her selfie.

2 – Don’t Be Shaken, When It Hits You:

Always keep in mind that something, somewhere would go wrong. Never be shaken, after all it’s a digital world and digital marketing is full of surprises and shocks. So, just like Kim (in the picture above) hold it (camera) tight, (in your case, “camera = digital strategy“) and you will not be affected negatively.

3 – Watch It, Don’t Let It Go:

While things go wrong, don’t lose your attention, do not deviate your focus. Try to understand what’s happening around you in the digital marketing. Are you missing out on some points which are currently the reasons of other brands’ success?

Look at the grip of Kim’s fingers, do they look deviated or unsure?

4 – Sit Back, Relax and Analyze:

Now that you have faced it, sit back and relax. Think about it as an experience or as a lesson which you might have learnt on any digital media marketing course. Now jot down the important points, your observations and what you think would save you from facing an upcoming event which might be scary for you.

Just like Kim already prepared her next move in her mind after this incident.

5 – Stand Again – And Act:

Now that you have the plan and a suitable digital marketing strategy in mind, all you need to do is stand up and rule the market again with your brain stormed plan. Be quick and be confident.

See, Kim’s legs aren’t shaking, are they?

6 – Never Leave Focus From Your Target:

Kim, just after the entire episode of Ice Bucket Challenge checked her cellphone to select the perfect Selfie (remember she’s among those Selfie-Crazed celebs?). This means at the back of her mind it was already present that the moment she will be free from it, she’d go and check whether she got the perfect selfie of not?

Digital marketing professionals should also keep their focus and aim intact. This way, they can also rule the digital marketing world because focus is the key to success.

7 – Add Oomph Factor And Win The Race:

Always add some sort of oomph factor to your digital marketing campaign, just the way Kim Kardashian did it – dressed in a decent attire yet with a reveling slit. Attractiveness is what we all love, don’t we?

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