Ugly Act By Royal Misfit – Khoobsurat

Hrishikesh Mukhejee’s Khoobsurat was released in 1980 and it starred the only one superstar of that era Rekha. Hrishikesh Mukherjee was known for his realistic and family oriented movies. His combination with Gulzar was deadly and they together ruled the box office. Now, Shashank Ghosh has also released the remake of Khoosburat with Sonam Kapoor playing the role of Rekha. With this movie Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan has made his debut. The movie is the first production of Disney in Bollywood world. There are too many pluses associated with this particular fare! The only thing that lacks is a gripping story-line.

sonam khoobsurat

Sonam Kapoor fails to recreate the magic of Rekha. Sonam could be seen hamming and shouting in the movie, which might be her definition of being comical. Ratna Pathak, playing the role of the Queen of Sambhalgarh looks fatigued, maybe she has done a lot of similar roles like that – not to forget her “Sarah Bhai Vs Sarah Bhai” traces can still be found in her recent performance. Kirron Kher should strictly say a straight “NO” for more roles like “Loud Punjabi Mom”. A sheer disappointment! The only actor that stands out in the entire movie is Fawad Khan. Undeniably he has a huge fan following, particularly of girls, and with this movie it is sure to boost. The shades in his character will let audience realize his acting talent.


Why Shashank’s Khoobsurat Is Not As Beautiful As Mukherjee’s?

The reason why 1980’s Khoobsurat was a blockbuster was the fact that the movie was made with simplicity. Realistic characters like Ashok Kumar’s, Rakesh Roshan and authoritarian mother Dina Pathak made the movie believable. On the contrary, 2014’s Khoobsurat is nothing but a fancy tale; unfortunately not impactful enough to attract the critics.

This movie might work at box office due to the star power but content and performance wise it’s a total time waste.

I would rate it 1/5

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