Junii Zeyad Pankaj Udhas Sharab Cheez Hi Aisi Hai
Junii Zeyad Should Spare Classic Ghazals

Every ghazal has its originality or let’s say there’s a level of effort and dedication put to it but it gets extremely irritating when people, self-proclaimed singers, who try to redo a song or ghazal and make it nothing but a reason to become a laughing stock among those who understand music and songs. We witnessed the very same thing by Junii Zeyad recently when he actually dared to recreate Sharaab Cheez Hi Aisee Hai which also features yesterday’s prominent actress Maria Wasti. One should give it for the guts of Junii Zeyad to play with the song, which he ruined literally. According to some, the rendition is an experiment to fuse pop singing and ghazal but that’s the lamest thing to come up with. It’s like fusing Qawwali with Filmy music. Yes, that’s exactly the way it is.

Junii Zeyad Sharaab Cheez Mediamagick 3 Junii Zeyad Sharaab Cheez Mediamagick 2

The version by Junii Zeyad is so face and unimpressive that it makes listeners cringe; the texture of his voice isn’t suitable for either ghazal or this cross experiment as it lacks the kick to make listeners hum along with him. The only thing one can do while listening to this track is to struggle real hard not to laugh.

Sharab Cheez Hi Aisi – Junii Zeyad

There was a time when Pakistani pop scene was actually impressive and people (read musicians) used to take inspiration from our singers like Junaid Jamshed, Ali Haider, Ali Azmat, Sajjad Ali and Ibrar Ul Haq, along with many others but unfortunately those days are over. We are only left with such singers who are either one hit wonders or are totally dependent on either their PR team or people who know little to nothing about music. People are making fun of the iconic ghazal Sharaab Cheez Hi Aisee Hai sung by Junii Zeyad. The original one was a classic and the way it was sung by Pankaj Udhaas made it very powerful, impactful and listeners couldn’t help but love it.

Sharaab Cheez Hi Aisi – Pankaj Udhas

The song is remixed and produced by Irfan Chaudhary; and jointly directed and produced by Umaima Taj and Carol Noronha. With this kind of music, Pakistan’s music is not going to revive at all. Junii Zeyad should not rip classics off. He will definitely do a favor to Pakistan’s music industry, at least for the way it is perceived by others after listening to this awesome ghazal like this.