Infinix Launches ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus In Pakistan

Infinix is getting quite active in Pakistan. In just a little span of time, the brand has organized a few meet-ups and some launch events. Recently, Infinix launched ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus phones in Pakistan. Both the introduced smartphones are a great combination of sleek look and perfect configuration. These Smartphones are brilliant for capturing professional level photos. Zero4 offers a 16 mega pixel main camera with 8 mega pixel front camera. The picture quality from the smartphone is simply amazing. Along with other amazing specifications and features ZERO4 also offers 4 times sharper zoom, laser auto-focus and optical image stabilization.

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The ZERO4 Plus offers an astounding 20.7 mega-pixel main camera and 13 mega pixel frontal cameras. For an amazing picture quality and result, ZERO4 Plus is a must have for those who love photography. ZERO4 Plus comes with a remarkable processor of 8-core 64-bit high performance. The smartphone saves the pictures in high definition quality; ditto for the videos, thanks to the configuration of 32 GB ROM and 4 GB Ram. So, if you are looking for something to flaunt on the basis of quality then ZERO4 Plus will be your “must-have”.

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Both the smartphones have multiple adjustment options i.e. automatic and manual. With the help of these adjustment options users can easily capture the best picture. In order to improve the visual experience, a user can select from a huge range of options offering brightness changes, color modifications, shutter speed, manual aperture and ISO etc.

Software and Hardware Combine for More Pro Power

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There are times when a picture is spoiled due to the shaking of the hand or the object but now with ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus a user will not face such a hiccup as these smartphones offer optical image stabilization. OIS gives a clearer picture and video. With the help of automatic double-axis lens adjustment, the picture is captured with crisp quality. Therefore, screen shaking doesn’t affect the quality of the picture. This offers excellent shooting experience. The camera analyzes exact distance using mirror image through the production of a low-power laser to the subject being photographed. An infrared laser sensor next to the camera spots the mirrored laser and communicates with the mirror motor to alter the lens to the suitable spot.

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