#HoJayeFootball By McDonalds Is IMPRESSIVE – Here Is Why!

Football is the widely loved sport all around the world. In Pakistan, football has always been taken aback due to Cricket and Hockey but it does not mean that we don’t have passionate footballers (coaches and players). We also have a women football team and it is high time that we need to support this game in Pakistan. Recently, McDonalds launched an ad campaign titled #HoJayeFootball and it is quite a nice effort. Here is the ad for you all to see.

#HoJayeFootball Ad By McDonalds

This is one of a kind ad. I remember ads from Nike and Adidas to be engaging, thematic and very interesting; ones which fall under path breaking and strongly conceived ads. This ad reminds me of all those ads which I used to watch almost decades ago. Hats off to the entire team who conceived and worked hard on creating this ad. The background score is very peppy; it is easy to hum with.

The best thing which I personally liked about the campaign is that the branding is very subtle and it is the beauty of this entire campaign. The ending of the ad is apt to appreciate the connection with the brand. McDonalds simply did it with flawlessness.

What’s Good In #HoJayeFootball Ad:

  • Empowering Target Audience – The “Footballers”
  • Captivating Tagline – Ho Jaye Football
  • Depicting Various Classes & Cultures
  • The Slightest Hint of Brand That Is Not “On The Face”

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