Sunny deol birthday
Happy Birthday Sunny Deol – “The Sher Of Bollywood”

Sunny Deol is known by many names Lady Killer (from the days of his debut i.e. Betaab), Sher of Hindustan (from Gaddar days) and Dhai Kilo Ka Haath which was one of his lines Damini. Sunny Deol started his career with a musical romantic blockbuster Betaab and the songs of the film are still loved by music lovers. With a great physique and being the son of “Babbar Sher” slash “Greek God of Bollywood” Dharmendra, Sunny was more inclined towards the action packed films. Sunny Deol did some amazing films and tried variation as well to come out of his comfort zone (for instance movie like Joshilay, where he tried to look cool dude with chewing the end of matchstick), even in Damini which was a female oriented film, Sunny Deol had an extended cameo and it’s still remembered by his fans; (remember Taarikh per Taarikh?).

Here are a few scenes and songs from Sunny Deol’s career which will remind us all what fandom the Man of Bollywood enjoyed.

The Romantic Sunny Deol:

Betaab – Jub Hum Jawaan Hongay:

Manzil Manzil – O Meri Jaan

Samundar – Ae Saagar Ki Lehron

Tridev – Main Teri Mohabbat Mein

The romantic anthem of late 80’s and 90’s, this song ruled the chartbusters for years.

The Naughty Sunny

Joshilay – Dhola Dhol Manjhira

Playing the cool guy and getting notorious with heroin (Sridevi), Anil Kapoor and the villain of the film “Jogi Thaakur”, Sunny went ahead of his comfort zone and proved that he could take challenges quite well.

Ghayal – Pyar Tum Mujhse Karti Ho

Ghayal boosted the career of Sunny Deol and he was awesome. His dialogues and style got very famous in the yout and his fans still remember him for that rock-solid performance.

Kshatrya – Hello

One of the films where two Hunks of Bollywood featured in one film, Sunny and Sanjay Dutt. Kshatriya was a massive hit and had Dharmendra playing the on-screen father of Sunny.

The Dancing Sunny Deol

Jeet – Yaara O Yaara

When the film released, this song was promoted as if Salman Khan was breaking the leg on this song but people were shocked to see Sunny Deol dancing on Yaara O Yaara.

Ajay – Chhammak Challo

Ziddi – Kammo

Inspired from Abrar-ul-Haqq’s famous song “Billo De ghar”, Kammo was the song where we can see Sunny Paa Jee dancing and enjoying with the gang of boys.

Paap Ki Dunya – Chori Chori Yun Jab

One of personal favorites, this song was a rage back then and in every Geetmaala back in 80’s it used to be featured as bonus track. Good old days, where Sunny Deol Dancing with ever-cute Neelum and ageing Paintal.

Sunny Deol’s Iconic Best Scenes:

Taarikh Per Taarikh

Yeh Dhhai Kilo Ka Haath

Yeh Mazdoor Ka HAath Hai Kaatia