6 Reasons to Look Forward to Foodpanda’s Best of Karachi

foodpanda.pk has been long simmering something in its secret cauldron and the time has now come to present the final content to the world. A vast majority of foodpanda customers prefer to order more from Continental and Fast-food cuisine but foodpanda.pk is changing this trend by introducing delectable Desi cuisine in our daily lives. One such attempt to accelerate the process comes with the launch of BEST OF KARACHI.

It is a series of tempting visual entertainment which will surely leave you craving some of the best Biryanis, Kebabs and Niharis of K-Town. To get you excited, we scribbled down 6 reasons why you should look forward to this campaign.

A Highly Entertaining Experience


The visual presentation of the food is powerful enough to put you in an instant mood of a Hot Daighi biryani. On top of which, the foodie panel holds nothing back while tasting Biryani, Kebabs and Nihari, all laid in front of them fresh and piping hot. After watching this trailer teaser, recently released on foodpanda official Facebook page you’ll get a slight idea of what’s coming next:


Explore New Eateries

Unfortunately, some eateries on either side of the bridge are popular in their restricted areas only while people who love indulging in Desi food remain unaware of these gems. Best Of Karachi will bring awareness about these restaurants and their bestselling food items so you can temporarily pause on your regular dining options and order online from these newly discovered restaurants.

Convenience Like Never Before

The man behind the idea, Mr. Omair Bakhsh, Brand Manager foodpanda.pk himself comes forward to explain how this campaign is aligned with improving convenience for foodpanda.pk customers:

“A massive pool of Desi gems in Karachi is still undiscovered by the people on either side of bridge. Mainly because they resort to ordering from eateries that are popular in their locality or mostly because it is inconvenient to regularly travel long distances to try out new dining options. Plus, the prevailing traffic conditions of Karachi, it would be a smarter choice to remain indoors when foodpanda.pk can bring home exactly the same dining experience. Best of Karachi tends to do that by presenting new Desi eateries to order from, in a very entertaining manner.”

Authentic Reviews From Influential Foodies


The popular SWOT’s Guide for KHI and other cities is maintained by a bunch of foodies, blessed with liking for a vast range of cuisines. A foodie trio from TSG, Dr. Nezihe Hussain, Dr. Sadia Safdar and Ms. Farhat Rabia will be seen in Best Of Karachi, candidly enjoying and reviewing their favorite food item from all restaurants. This makes it a must watch for Karachiites!

‘Wadairay Ka Beta’ On A Foodie Expedition

Food tastes even better when you have great company to enjoy with. Our very own ‘Wadairay Ka Beta’ Ali Gul Pir will be seen, side by side TSG group, enjoying and entertaining you with his verdicts of the food items. That is not all; beautiful Anoushay Abbasi will add five-stars to the entire experience with her cheerful presence.

Drool Over Delicious Desi Cuisine


If these reasons have yet not convinced you to stick around and wait for the launch of Best Of Karachi, let us remind you that the lively element of this campaign is food: The best kind of Biryani – spicy yet flavorsome. Hot Kebabs on the grill – tasteful with special chutni and fresh onions. Nihari – Just the right consistency and balance of spices with Naan. All these items from unique restaurants will be presented to feats your sight.