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Here’s What You Don’t Know About Hania Aamir

Tired of hearing success stories? Here comes a fairy-tale themed story of Pakistan’s latest sensation Hania Aamir, who even has much more in the bag after Na Maloom Afraad 2 release.

In the place where every third young lad has a dream to become the uncrowned king of the entertainment industry, the massive struggle and failure stories work perfectly as dream-busters.

Sometimes when nature is at your hand, the rigorous tasks which seem to be as difficult as breaking the back of the beast turns out to be as easy as “123”. To be very exact, the actress Hania Aamir struck gold without making an effort for it.

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Those who have seen her in one of the pivotal roles in film ‘Janaan’ needs to know that she doesn’t went for the auditions or made any move to get a role in the film.  The director Imran Kazmi himself contacted for the role while she was just resting in luxuries of her house. The next thing which might come in your mind is that she might be the product of nepotism or a blend of references and power. But it isn’t so; Janaan’s director went after Hania after seeing her Instagram dubsmash videos.

After erupting in the scene with ‘Janaan’ and getting a nomination for the Lux Style Awards for Best Supporting Actress, Hania Aamir never looked back; she is one of the names moviegoers are looking out for.

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The scarcity of information about this dimple-lady, have led people to just make speculations, to remove the dirt here we are up with some of the interesting facts about Na Maloom Afrad 2 actress – Hania Aamir.

Fact Number 1: She hails from Abbottabad. You might have heard people associating her either from Karachi or Lahore. But the thing is this natural beauty is actually from Abbottabad.

Fact Number 2: She isn’t a fashion designer. Those who take up Wikipedia’s information so seriously would be disgusted as of now as this portal suggested that this Pakistani actress had previously been showing her skills as a designer.

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Fact Number 3: She is very much like normal individual. Yes, you heard it right, she only buys phones or cosmetics for herself when they actually bid adieu themselves.

Fact Number 4: She spends most of her earnings on friends. The signings and endorsements would have been powering her bank balance as of now and she open-heartedly spends it all on her friends.

Fact Number 5: Her favorite food is Qeema Karaila, so thumbs down the burger guys there.

Fact Number 6: She replaced Mahira Khan in ‘Parwaz Hai Junoon’ film, which stars Hamza Ali Abbasi in the lead.

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