EPIC Energy Drink – Launch In Pakistan

[Pakistan, Monday 6th April 2015]: With rising consumer interest in Pakistan, the country has witnessed a steady growth in demand of energy drinks, primarily in young individuals who are always on the go, seek adventure and have an active nightlife.


Grenade Energy Ltd UK has recently launched its high-end premium energy drink in Pakistan by the name of EPIC ENERGY, having the essential nutrients and vitamins to vitalize tired a body and nerves as well as promote responsible consumption through its innovative re-sealable can.


EPIC Energy’s smooth flavor and sleek innovative 330 ML re-sealable black matte finish can has already attracted a lot of eyeballs and attained success at International Food & Beverage Awards like Gulf Food, SIAL China Innovation, and SIAL Paris Innovation – it has successfully gained access to global markets.


Aiming to change the dynamics of the energy drink market, the most exciting aspect of EPIC ENERGY has been its revolutionary re-sealable packaging making it an ideal on the go drink and encouraging responsible consumption in controlled quantities; since it does not need to be consumed in one go unlike other competitor’s drinks in the market, which eventually tend to lose carbonation once left for too long after opening.


Epic Energy Drink is now available at major nationwide outlets in Pakistan and the brand has frequently been spotted sampling at some of the most exclusive events and places across the country to introduce the drink to its target audience.

EPIC Energy Drink EPIC ENERGY [7]

Omair MateenSpeaking about the brand, CEO Omair Mateen states “Epic is a premium, high quality Energy Drink, being manufactured in Austria. 2014 was about developing the fundamentals for the brand, and we had a very successful launch in 4 countries last year. Being the first brand to offer true consumer convenience in the Energy Drinks category, Epic has been a much bigger success than I had imagined, with consumers loving the packaging, re-sealable convenience, and coming back again and again because of its truly unique flavor. Based on the success, we have already signed contracts to launch Epic Energy in 8 countries, and a further 15 countries are in discussion stage, with Epic on track to be available in more than 25 countries within 2015.”

Visual Courtesy: Epic Facebook / EPIC Vimeo

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