Chinese Food Festival At Beach Luxury Hotel

2 weeks ago I heard about Chinese Food Festival at Beach Luxury Hotel and decided to give it a try. I am a huge fan of Chinese food. It’s my comfort food. When I am sick, when I am sad; when I need food that will sooth my soul, Chinese food is the answer.

So, we head to Chinese Food Festival with a few friends. The Beach Luxury is located in a part of Karachi where I rarely go. But there was little traffic so the long drive was in fact relaxing. My husband and I are not late-night-ers. We are homebodies at heart. We go out early and prefer to stay in. So, we set out early but the food was so good, our company so exhilarating that we stayed there until they started closing down the lights.

Coming to the food, it tasted really good. It was the authentic Chinese food, not the desi type we make at home and so enjoy at other eateries. I actually liked the taste. For our Pakistani taste buds, it was a bit bland but a nice change from the usual too much spices food. There were so many dishes.

Chinese food Festival 2 Chinese food Festival 4

Salads looked appetizing and were presented in a beautiful way. My favorite was the cold beef salad. I love cold meat salads. They are so different from our Pakistani palate. For me cold meat salads are a welcoming change from all the creamy and citric salads usually available in eateries.

Chinese food Festival 3 Chinese food Festival 6 Chinese food Festival 5

Main courses included vegetable fried rice and steamed rice, sweat and sour fish, shredded chicken with vegetables, ginger crab, chicken and mushroom is oyster sauce, chicken chowmein, prawn tempura, dumplings, crispy chicken lemon and sesame beef.

Chinese food Festival 1 Chinese food Festival 7

The dessert selection was limited. And a bit disappointing if I may say so. There wasn’t single Chinese dessert. But once I googled Chinese desserts I realized that the Chinese desserts may be too weird and unfamiliar for us in taste; probably that’s why they didn’t have any.

Anyways, it felt good to be out and about with friends.