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Balu Mahi – Potpourri of Bollywood Plots

Romantic comedies never disappoint – well, ones mostly witnessed on the silver screen. The recent rom-com which features Osman Khalid Butt, Ainy Jaffery and Sadaf Kanwal is titled Balu Mahi. The movie is a Launchpad of three of them. Let’s see what Balu Mahi has in store for the audience.

The film starts when Bilal Malik aka Balu (Osman Khali Butt) mistakenly enters in a wrong wedding hall where Mahi (Ainy Jaffry) is getting married to a guy, and he expresses his love for her, but as soon she reveals her face, Bilal gets the shock of her life as he never met Mahi and realizes this must be a confusion. Before things can get in control and get cleared, Mahi asks him to run by saying “Bhaago”. Now that’s quite unbelievable i.e. imagine a bride running right from the main stage towards the exit, in her designer dress and no one stopping her. Anyway, Balu follows her and that night they play hide and seek with Mahi’s family, prominently with her grand-dad Jehangir (Shafqat Cheema). Balu and Mahi start to get in to a comfort zone with each other, even break a leg together in a performance, and listen to Qawwali but soon, Mahi’s family finds her; thanks to Balu.

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Post interval, Balu arrives at Mahi’s house to meet her and say sorry to her as because of him she couldn’t run away from her family that night but he gets to know from her family that she ran again but no one knows where. Balu decides to find her and apologize to her and leaves to find Mahi. What happens next is all what makes Balu Mahi worth a watch.

Osman Khalid Butt bags a role that is tailer-made for him; he fits in the shoes perfectly. His accent needs to be worked upon but a “London Return” alibi is flawless in this case. Ainy Jaffry impresses in emotional scenes, she simply goes over when playing the bubbly girl – she looks sexy and sensual in songs. Sadaf Kanwal is the eye-candy and looks sultry and seductress at her best. She has the corniest one-liners in the movie, which is a definite change in Pakistani cinema i.e. women making jokes and attempts on sexuality.

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The highlight of the movie is Shafqat Cheema; he is in his form. Cheema’s intensity is first class. The scenes between Durdana Butt and Shafqat Cheema are hilarious and treat to watch. The guy playing the character of Balu’s friend is effective and a good addition in comic zone in Pakistani films. Jawed Sheikh in a cameo is first-rate.

Music of Balu Mahi is good, especially the song picturization. Baichainiaan and Tu Kiya Jaaney are brilliantly filmed. Direction is good. Balu Mahi looks inspired from movies like Jab We Met (before interval) and Dil Bole Harippa (post-interval; replace cricket match with polo-match and Kanwal with Sherlyn Chopra). There are glitches in the script and dialogues but from a viewer’s perspective, Balu Mahi has its moments.

Balu Mahi needs a very strong word of mouth to do good business, on first day, mostly the occupancy rate was between 20 – 25 percent in the cinemas.

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