Baar Baar Dekho – Movie Review

Baar Baar Dekho is amongst the most anticipated movies of 2016 based on many factors. Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra in a Karan Johar movie is something to be excited about. People loved the teaser, trailer and Kaala Chashma like anything. A movie based on time-travelling is something which is not usually tried mostly, we can hardly mention movies like Action Replayy and Love Story 2050 under this genre; both didn’t do well at the box office. Let’s see what makes Baar Baar Dekho different and unique.

Artist Diya Kapoor (Katrina Kaif) and Mathematics professor Jai Verma (Sidharth Malhotra) are childhood friends and decide to get married when Diya proposes Jai. Two days before their marriage, Jai is unsure of whether marriage will be a good idea or not, keeps thinking about the practicality and aftermaths of it and finally tells Diya that he isn’t ready for the marriage. Heartbroken Diya leaves his sight and Jai overdoses himself with wine. Next morning, Jai finds himself in Thailand on honeymoon trip with Diya. He is oblivious to what has happened and how he cannot recall anything. From there the time travelling experience of Jai Verma starts which leads him to the age of 40’s and 60’s and takes him back as well, as if something needs to be fixed in his life. What happens between his journey to multiple ages is what Baar Baar Dekho is all about.


Baar Baar Dekho rests mostly upon the able shoulders of Sidharth Malhotra and he gives a great performance. Watch him out when he is shown in his 60’s and how he responds to everyone around him. Sidharth impresses in multiple scenes, this is amongst the most difficult roles with many shades involved, and Sidharth did justice with Jai Verma. Katrina is okay. In some scenes she is amazing but in totality, she is average. Ram Kapoor is effective. Rajit Kapoor is first-rate. Sarika is pleasant to watch.

Baar Baar Dekho reminds of “Click” and “The Family Man” to greater extent. Direction wise Baar Baar Dekho is effective but the narrative and script of the movie somehow lack a bit to make viewers connect with the characters. Mostly, viewers are either confused or probable about what’s happening on the screen. The element of surprise and excitement take a backseat which is not a good sign for a time-travelling movie. Baar Baar Dekho is not a mass puller and even for classes the movie loses big-time on its script. Baar Baar Dekho can be skipped but if you want to see what future life will be like then you might enjoy this movie.

  • Performances
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  • Script