Baaghi Episode 5 – Start of A New Beginning

This episode was opened with the same contrast between thinking of Fauzia and the rest of the villagers that has been showing since. So Nazia is finally going home and everyone was relieved except Fauzia. The discussion between Fauzia and her sister showed the contrast between their mentalities.

It showed the daring nature of Fauzia who knows that how to get what she wants. Till now the pace is very slow and drama is revolving around the same discussion and issues. The thing that makes it extraordinary is the performance of Saba Qamar. Well! This episode was actually the start of new beginning in everyone’s life but most importantly Fauzia’s life. Finally she has succeeded in marrying Abid.

Initially it seemed that the Abid will prove to be just like all other men in village but he was seen loving his wife in every way possible. But the behavior of his mother is the same cold and rude like in start. She does not miss a single chance to let her down and insults her. But Fauzia is so happy with Abid’s love that she does not focus much on his mother’s behavior. Fauzia’s mother also seemed very happy and relaxed on seeing her daughter this much happy.

But there is definitely a twist coming as Abid is shown to be flirting with some other girl who came for shopping in his shop. So this will be a twist we should be waiting for. How a strong girl like Fauzia will react when she will come to know about this extra marital affair. Will their marriage results to be the same. Overall this episode was much fun to watch than the previous ones. Not only Saba Qamar but Ali Qazmi has done this role brilliantly as well although it is his first experience.

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