Even The 2nd Episode Of Baaghi Lacks The Grip

Well! This episode was again out of focus and dull. Many scenes were unimportant and boring. In the initial scenes, Saba Qamar performed very well in her comic style. She was shown left alone by her friends and she was the only one answerable to Choudary. The incident with Fauzia’s sister and her fight with husband shows the backward thinking of males in villages.

All men in such areas are fond of disrespecting women but Fauzia’s father was shown to be different somehow. Fauzia is shown to be a girl who believes in making her own destiny not like the other girls of her village. She is a free bird who lives in her own dream world and thinks that she will fulfill all her wishes one day. Her brother terribly hates her and he does everything his wife tells him to do. Nadia Afghan has again acted very well in her role but her role is very limited.

Then the so called twist happens which has already been shown in the ads that is Fauzia’s father finally surrenders to his son and agrees to marry Fauzia to Sajid. That’s the story till now which has nothing new in it. Although Saba Qamar has shown her talent beautifully; her acting was perfectly on point but the role is nothing different from her previous acts. So till second episode Baaghi has not succeeded in engaging more viewers. Preview has shown that the shopkeeper Abid who wants to marry Fauzia too, is forcing her mother to send his proposal.

The setup of village was excellent and the role of village people is well played. Let’s see what next episodes have to offer. Share your views about this episode with us.

Episode 2: Baaghi

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