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Azaadi Trailer – Will It Be Moammar Rana’s Comeback

Pakistani film industry is at a point where it’s very unpredictable to state to which direction it is heading. Filmmakers are either very confused in understanding what audience wants to watch or simply don’t care about audience and want to create films which they think can satisfy their inner-self. The upcoming film by ARY Films is titled Azaadi and it features Moammar Rana along with the legendary Mr. Nadeem Baig. The film also has new face, for film industry i.e. Sonya (who was last seen in Moor).

Trailer Azaadi

The trailer of Azaadi is a mix of romance, drama and patriotism revolving around Kashmir. Moammar Rana is back to silver screen after a hiatus. Although he looks fatigued and old but we can only hope that he plays his age rather than try to become one of those actors who don’t accept their age and still try to play unrealistic characters which their age and features don’t allow them.

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It’s good to see veteran Nadeem Baig back in a prominent character. Legends like Nadeem are academy in themselves and new actors should learn from them. We wish the entire team of Azaadi all the best and expect that ARY Films enjoy a good box office blockbuster with Azaadi. The film is all set to release on Eid Ul Fitr.