Shaan Shahid Like Never Before – Arth Is A Solid Hit

There is no doubt that if India has Shahrukh Khan then Pakistan has Shaan Shahid; yes people have weird love- hate relationship with Shaan, they criticize him, even make fun of him but he is the only actor who gave some films for which the same audience went gaga right from Waar, Operation 021, Bol, Khuda Ke Liye and now everyone is looking at Arth. Arth was in discussions since the time it was announced by Shaan Shahid and everyone, pro and anti-Shaan clan wanted to watch this particular venture of his. Arth is based on Mahesh Bhatt’s parallel cinema classic film named Arth as well, which featured Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Kalbhushan Kharbanda, Raj Kiran and Mazhar Khan.

Arth Trailer:

The new Arth features Shaan Shahid, Uzma Hassan, Mohib Mirza and Umaima Malick in pivotal characters. Ath revolves around an ageing pop-sensation Ali (Shaan) who after divorcing his wife returns to Pakistan to reboot his singing career. Arth is also about a film director Umar (Mohib Mirza) who is married to Uzma (Uzma Hassan) and is also having an affair with his leading actress (Umaima Malick). The film gradually takes audience to a point where all their lives intersect and affect one another because of them and their emotions. Arth is a film which celebrates relationships, it highlights the importance of what “just being there” means and it also tells you to not to stop doing what you want to do in your life.

Arth belongs to Uzma Hassan, acting wise, she is undeniably one of the finest and most genuine actress Pakistani silver screen witnessed this year – Uzma’s acting is superlative. The way she expresses her emotions, excitement and then her outburst of emotions signify only one thing i.e. she is a complete package. Umaima is okay, she adds what was expected from her character and she does a decent job. Mohib Mirza has an amazing personality and screen presence, there are very few scenes where he actually had the scope of excelling and he embarks upon the opportunity with gusto – else he under-plays his part like a mature actor.


Shaan Shaahid deserves an award for making such a beautiful film and he actually broke his image right from the very first scene. Rest assured you will not find any traces of Shaan Shaahid which you’d have witnessed in his previous films. Shaan looks cool, genuinely funny, and supremely intense in the scenes. The magnitude of his performance in Arth is like real huge. There are many scenes where he takes audience by surprise; one scene which he brilliantly performed (out of many others) is where he walks backward from Shafqat Amanat Ali’s concert – that scene is beauty in terms of execution, direction, expression and background score. This is the kind of SHAAN SHAAHID audience wants to see.

There are some interesting cameos in the film as well, Yasir Hussain is brilliant and give audience multiple reasons to smiles; Ali Azmat is very adoring and carries a charisma with him. The songs of Arth is chartbusters; crowd was high in the Cinema when Murshed Jee featured, people hummed along when Sanwaarde was shown and Shaan’s fans got teary eyed in Ronay Day came.

Bollywood’s Arth was a very bold film in terms of content, dialogues and storytelling sans scenes; even in 50 more years no one can make such a bold film in Pakistan; Shaan Shahid beautifully extracted the essence of the masterpiece, refined and fine-tuned it as per the liking, taste, culture of Pakistani cinema and audience. Shaan did a phenomenal job in taking Arth to another level where he showcased the other side of love, care, friendship and a side of unconditional devotion in every relationship; not just love. This portrayal of characters and their emotions cannot be found in Pakistani cinema, keeping last 7 years’ films in focus i.e. aka Revival of Pakistani Cinema.

Arth is a great film with a few negatives which can easily be overlooked as far as something of entertainment is presented in totality. Arth has great performances, brilliant music, good feel, it connects with the audience, the only down side is it’s a little dragged. The film is very fast and does not waste time in showing unnecessary scenes which have no significance. Arth is a very well made film and it’s a must watch!

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