Anoushey Ashraf To Tie Knots With This Guy

It was a long wait but Anoushey Ashraf has finally unleashed on her friends that she is engaged. While sharing pictures of her soon groom to be on her own terms, Anoushey Ashraf has announced that she will tie the knot very soon this year.

Anoushey Ashraf, also known as the first female Video Jockey of Pakistan and the face of MTV, shared this news on her Facebook.  In her post the former VJ turned host/actress, Anoushey was being all mushy gushy about here fiancé in the heartiest way as possible.

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Anoushey Ashraf wrote that Salar Farooki, her fiancé is not just very cute but also way too funny and kind and to her this is what that has always mattered. She also expressed her views on an important issue that many young and talented women in our country can perhaps relate to of coming under pressure of getting under pressure of getting married by their families.

Seeking prayers from her huge fan following she wrote, “May we grow old, travelling, rescuing animals, planting trees, and hugging those who will come across them. #dairaaeydurustaaey.”

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She urged them that women should never come under pressure of getting married when they don’t feel like getting married. It always has to feel completely right and lit. It has to be their decision and age is also that counts a lot. She ended up her status with a cheerful not that she would be soon starting off this new journey with her soulmate with ultimate trust, mutual respect, friendship and immense amount of love. She further revealed that she is certainly very nervous but also feeling ecstatic at the same time. The model cum actor also expressed her gratitude towards her parents for bearing with her throughout her career and not over-pressurizing her to get settled down.

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The couple is certainly relationship goals and we wish them all the luck and happiness for their new beginning!