Amir Liaquat Once A Cheap Always A Cheap

Well! It seems that Amir Liaquat has learned nothing from his previous mistakes. Last year, he invited Tahir Shah on his show and humiliated him in front of everybody. He was immensely criticized for his ill-manners but now the inconsiderate host has done the same. On his new game show on Bol Tv, ”Game show aisy chaly ga”, Amir Liaquat invited Meera and insulted her in front of the guests.


The naive Meera tweeted many times before going to the show and was super excited. She did not know what was going to happen. The diplomacy started when Amir Liaquat made her stand at a spot in between the audience. Then he kept on saying below the belt sentences. Meera not knowing what is happening with her and responded positively.

He availed every chance he got to disrespect Meera whether it was her spilled tongue or mischief from audience. Amir Liaquat then challenged her to prove herself as a perfect Bahu. She had to explain openly how she can become a perfect wife. Meera was still standing at the spot light completely unable to understand his cringe-worthy questionnaire.

Her effort was to please Amir Bhai by giving the required answers so she spoke: ”Safai kar k, khana paka kar, bachy paida kar k, saas ki khidmat kar k”. Then finally Amir got thrilled by her answers and promised her that he will find perfect husband for her on this show. The show did not end there. Amir continued his enjoyment by asking boys to perform with her and one young man even said ”Kiya me Meera jee ko touch kar sakta hun? Me apkay kareeb ana chahtaa hun”

After this show, the video went viral and many celebrities tweeted about it. Momina Mustehsan has also said that there are so many wrong things with this show and she could not understand why people are enjoying this disgusting show.

Amir Liaquat has again started disrespecting people in the greed of scoring TRP and PEMRA has not taken any notice yet.

Even Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy commented on Amir Liaquat… here it is;

Let us know what you think about this scenario and what should be done?

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