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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Sings For Aleeze Nasser and Ahsan Khan

Beeline productions has marked its first project by bringing to us none other than the legendary worldwide celebrated Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and the song has been shot in the most exclusive places in the country to match suitable nuances to the feel and the vibe of the track.There is a lot to look forward to from this production house in the near future as they are soon to announce more promising projects.

Aleeze Nasser and Ahsan Khan In Naino Ne Tere

Ahsan Khan is a power house of versatility in his craft and there is no denying that as he gives us something to marvel at and appreciate time and again as he sinks into each character so beautifully. In this track we are sure to witness his most romantic side that he so beautifully projects in his intensity pitched opposite Aleeze Nasser. From the first look it is obvious that their chemistry is going to be electric.

Aleeze NAsser 3

Aleeze Nasser is trained actress who graduated in acting from NYFA Los Angeles. She brings a lot of talent that is waiting to be tapped into in our yet growing film industry. She made her debut in Yalghaar released in 2017 where she acted opposite Adnan Siddiqui.

Aleeze Nasser is a Dubai based actress who is new fairly new to Pakistan although her paternal roots are from here.

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