Unbelievable #akStudioBigFriday Sale By Alkaram

To all the quality conscious and fashion-centric ladies there’s amazing news, hold your breath as the most reputed fashion label AlKaram is bringing the BIG FRIDAY SALE for their valued customers. This sale will take place for 3 straight days from 24th of November to 26th of November 2017. There will be a huge variety of ready to wear clothes for men, women and kids along with famously known unstitched fabric by AK Studio and AK Fabric.


Here’s all that you need to know about this amazing Big Friday Sale by AlKaram.

Exactly how much discount can you avail and what’l be on discount at AlKram?

There are two separate categories on discounts i.e.

  • Home and Ready-to-wear
  • Unstitched Fabric

You can enjoy a good flat 50% off on all Home and Ready to wear clothing for men, women and kids – isn’t that cool? It’s a great offer for those who appreciate great quality stuff.

This isn’t all; customers will also get a flat 30% discount on Unstitched Fabric at AK Studio and AK Fabric.

There’s More Discount As Well? YES!

If you pay via EasyPay, you will get an additional 5% discount for using this payment method. AlKaram has taken the discount and offer game to another level. This is probably a dream come true for AlKaram’s valued Online customers only.


Where To head For?

So what are you waiting for? Locations of the stores? Well, you can enjoy the discount from the retail store brands i.e. AK studio and AK Fabrics. For more details you can locate these stores here (Alkaram Stores and from there you can enjoy splendid Big Friday sale.

What About Online Shoppers?

AlKaram understands that their valued customers are scattered on multiple locations and regions; so for their convenience and ease AlKaram is also offering this Big Friday Sale available online nationally and internationally, all you need to do is visit here

Click Big Friday and Check out the page here for other details: BIG FRIDAY.

Enjoy the fantabulous #akStudioBigFriday sale.