Actor In Law – The Mega Entertainer

Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza, as director and writer respectively, have impressed film lovers not only in Pakistan but outside Pakistan with Na Maaloom Afraad. The talented team is back with Actor In Law, that too with a bang. Actor In Law features Pakistan’s heartthrob Fahad Mustafa and nasty “Billi” Mehwish Hayat along with cross border veteran Om Puri in lead roles. Expectations are high this time as the movie is marketed with extravagantly. Let’s see how well this “lawful” actor satisfies the viewers.

Shaan Mirza (Fahad Mustafa) is a struggling actor who only wants to become superstar by not taking any other medium to his route to stardom but movies. His father Rafaqat Mirza (Om Puri), an unsuccessful lawyer who hasn’t won a single case in his entire career, loses all hopes with him. Desperately trying to get his first “role” in movies Shaan tries everything and one day he gets a one-scene act with the mega-star of Pakistani cinema Humaiyun Saeed. Things take a turn from there and heartbroken Shaan leaves the studio and happens to visit City Court Karachi to collect his father’s office accessories as he left for Hajj. There a group of people surround him with their case thinking that he is the lawyer (as he’s dressed like one). Shaan being frustrated and depressed decides to act as a lawyer in front of the court. And guess what? Shaan wins the case with great feat. From there Shaan considers courtroom as his stage and people present in the court as his audience. One of his hearings is recorded by a TV reporter Meenu (Mehwish Hayat) and it happens to go on-air and Shaan becomes an overnight star and torch-bearer of truth. What happens next is what Actor In Law offers to its viewers. Will Shaan continue to be a lawyer only? What about his dream of becoming an actor? How will Rafaqat Mirza react to his son’s facade? To know answers of these questions, you need to watch Actor In Law.


Performance wise, Fahad Mustafa leads the movie with all his artistic ammunition and star-like quality. Even in scenes where he is just a part and not actually focused, he gives spontaneous and natural reactions, which are hard to find in today’s actors. Fahad Mustafa is the next big thing in Pakistani cinema, hands down. Mehwish Hayat gives a decent performance. Her Parsi accent is passable as used in Karachi. Om Puri has a few scenes but he excels in almost all, especially the courtroom scene. At places, he gets loud for no reason and that’s mostly in the start of the movie. Alyy Khan as rating-obsessed anchor is very good. He gives a calculated performance; so far this is Alyy Khan’s most refined and better performances in Pakistani movies.


Saleem Mairaj is effective; he brings what is expected from him in the film, that too with conviction. Actor in Law features many actors in cameos like Talat Hussain, Humaiyun Saeed, Rehan Sheikh, Nayyer Ejaz, Khalid Ahmed, Aehsan Talish, Ghalib Kamal and director Nabeel Qureshi as well.

Music of the movie is good and songs like Actor In Law, Dil Yeh Dancer Hogaya, Funkaara and Khudaya are quite popular. Direction is first rate and can be considered amongst the finest of the year. Dialogues are witty, they possess repeat value. Kudos to the script.


Actor In Law is one of those movies where audience needs to leave their brain and sense outside the cinema hall. It’s a no-brainer. If one tries to find logic in the movie then this might not be their cup of tea, it’s an entertainer and that’s all.

This Eid, for a good laughter and some power-packed performances with light-hearted comedy, select Actor In Law.

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