Aalia Ibrahim
Aalia Ibrahim – A Perfect Descendant Of A Controversial Cum Successful Family

It’s been quite a few days and internet is going wild about Aalia Ibrahim’s controversial pictures over her instagram’s, shoots and her much talked about pub-fight with Ramanand Sagar’s great granddaughter Saakshi. Well, these incidents happened over the last few years, but the moment any of these starts to settle down another one surfaces to keep the beautiful youngster in the spotlight again. There is no doubt that Aalia Ibrahim is gorgeous and in a very young age she is spotted by not only fashion gurus but she has also managed to impress a few Bollywood producers to sign her in their upcoming projects.

Aalia Ibrahim

For those who think that whatever she is doing over Instagram is something questionable and doesn’t suit her, it’s better for them to turn a few pages of the past, from her family. Her mother is Pooja Bedy, the so called sex symbol of her time (90’s); her grandfather is Kabir Bedi, the controversial king and heavily acclaimed star of his times (70’s) who was married to an Odissi dancer Protima Bedi. Now, with such heavy names in the family, mostly surrounded by controversies, bold scenes and a bit too extra valiant in one way or the other, Aalia is just following the same footsteps. Following are the images which caught fire over the internet and the entire moral-brigade started to discuss the upcoming young starlet of B-town – Aalia.

Aalia Ibrahim 3 Aalia Ibrahim 2 Aalia Ibrahim 1

In 90’s Pooja Bedi shot an ad for Kama Sutra Condoms which was a taboo back then. She was discussed like anything for such an explicit ad (back then for Indian TV audience it was a little too sleazy). Later, she was also associated with characters in movies which merely comprised of skin-show.

Kabir Bedi, who shared screen with Roger Moore in famous Octopussy (from James Bond series) as villain’s aide-de-camp and later had many affairs in real life (with Parveen Babi was among the most  notorious ones).

kabir bedi parveen babi 1 kabir bedi parveen babi

So, let’s not pull the leg of the new kid in showbiz. It’s Aalia Ibrahim’s time to dazzle her audiences. Right? After all, controversies have been running in her family… what’s the biggie?