50 Shades Of Grey – Multiple Shades Of Being Banned Worldwide

Fifty 50 Shades of Grey has always managed to shine under the spotlight, whether it’s appreciation of unorthodox storytelling or being dissected as disturbing material for the generation of conservative markets. Although a handful of reader-base would have read the book by E. L. James and made it a best-seller, but humungous population was waiting for the movie to be released in February 2015. After all, majority likes to “see” than “read” such art of expressive notion. Unfortunately, a few countries have some other shades in terms of agenda for this particular release. Let’s explore the grayish shades by some circuit critics.

The movie 50 Shades of Grey is based on an erotic novel by James and this made the director of the movie Sam Tyler-Johnson capture a few bolder and hotter sequences between Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steel) and Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey). After seeing the screening, the Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LBF) declared the movie as pornographic and sadistic rather than a piece of modern art. What would you expect from a movie that is based on the story of a series of passionate encounters between a female literature student and filthy rich male business tycoon? There are more than many elements in the actual novel which take readers to a journey of guilty pleasures, by tempting them to taste the forbidden fruit of lust, BDSM and erotic journey.

The story of the movie revolves around a literature student falling for a business tycoon. This isn’t a simple journey as the tycoon wants to have her on his own terms. His terms are mainly focused on controlling situations, people and even his going to be lover. This kind of frightens the young girl but as they say, one gets more and more intrigued by the consequence of tasting the forbidden fruit that they start to get addicted to it. What happens next weaves the story of 50 Shades of Grey.

Coming to the Pakistani market, there are high chances that the movie will not be premiered in any of the cinemas here too. This has actually made some modern art lovers disappointed as according to them if the novel can become a best-seller in Pakistan why can’t a movie on the same cannot be show-cased here?

Well the question is legit, as far as some of the high octane energy boosting scenes are cropped from the movie. What do you think; will a brighter shade will spot upon 50 Shades of Grey in Pakistan on 13th February?

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