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5 Things Game Of Thrones Season 7’s First Episode Tells

The most awaited season 7 of GOT / Game Of Thrones aired today and the first 4 minutes of the 1st episode were amazing. Game of Thrones fans loved it. Finally it is proved that Sansa Stark took some great deal of inspiration from The King Khan i.e. Shahrukh Khan. Those who have watched the 1st episode can easily relate with this one.

Game Of Thrones Inspired From DON 2


This particular episode tells viewers to not to drink anything and everything, they might sell you horse’s piss in the name of finest fine but trust your gut feeling, smell then drink it. Plus, it isn’t a nice idea to drink sweet-sorbet over heavy meal you might suffer from HAIZA and start to vomit like shit!


Game of Thrones proves that a “Phuppo” is everywhere. It’s not necessarily a gender based tag, it’s a plotting person who enjoys the fight between the two from a distance and all they need is the pop-corns to enjoy the scene.


Although Punjab Nahi Jaungi has not yet released but its dialogue by Khalilur Rehman Qamar still stands true for the Game Of Thrones 1st episode of Season 7; watch it to believe.


Last but definitely not the least, spoiled kids are everywhere. Being a parent/grandparent you need to discipline your kids, both boys and girls, so that they never misbehave with you in any gathering. Beware from this kid, she isn’t a good example


I hope you guys will not stop enjoying Game of Thrones Season 7. But do share your feedback!

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