3 Bahadur – The Revenge Of Baba Balaam: Movie Review

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, needs no introduction, winner of Oscars and one of the sensible filmmakers of Pakistan has released the 2nd installment of her much acclaimed animated movie 3 Bahadur titled 3 Bahadur The Revenge of Baba Balaam. In Pakistan, it is commendable thing to make an animated movie for kids; hats off to ARY Films, Jerjees Seja and Salman Iqbal to support such a path breaking venture of Chinoy. 3 Bahadur – The Revenge Of Baba Balaam is loaded with some great voice-overs by Fahim Khan, Behroze Subzwari, Ali Gul Pir, Sarwat Gilanin and Zeba Shehnaz along with the 3 Bahadurs i.e. Zuhab Khan, Arisha Razi and Hanzala Shahid. Let’s see what the 2nd episode of 3 Bahadur has to offer to viewers.

The movie 3 Bahadur – The Revenge of Baba Balaam revolves around how Deenu Baba is seized by dissipatedly wicked and nefarious Baba Balaam, how Mitthu (the malicious parrot) creates conflicts between 3 Bahadur’s (Amna, Kaamil and Saadi) thick friendship. In this installment, Baba Balaam creates his team of 4 villains as well by empowering them with super-evil powers. Will Baba Balaam be successful in winning over Deenu Baba? Will 3 Bahadur be able to unite and then fight against the 4 super-evil-powers? Will there be a glorious morning ever in Roshan Nagar? To unfold all the answers, you need to watch 3 Bahadur – The Revenge of Baba Balaam.

The Backbone, Soul And Heart Of The Movie:

The backbone of 3 Bahadur – The Revenge of Baba Balaam is its animation. Waadi Animations deserves a standing ovation for creating such a masterpiece. The entire team of Waadi Animations must be highly appreciated for this successful attempt.

The soul of the movie is undeniably the script. There are beautiful dialogues and clap-worthy (read: first rate comedic) one-liners and punches. There are many dialogues which have “bring-back-home” quality, which is not witnessed in many Pakistani movies these days. Following are a few of the finest and spot-on dialogues:

“Basti Jal Gayi Per Bharam Nahin Gaye” – By Tony Bhai’s sidekick

“Apna toh thikaana yahin hai boss” – By Kaamil

“Urr Gaye Totay” – by Mitthu

“I’m Lovin’ It” – by Amna


Heart of the movie is the treatment and showing that evil has its strength and one shouldn’t take it lightly but with consistency, collective effort and pure-heart it can be dominated. Plus, the voice-overs by all are noteworthy. Standing tall in the queue is Fahim Khan as Baba Balaam, he reaches the epitome of malevolence with his voice. Zeba Shehzaz as Mitthu is perfidious. Behroze Subzwari is first-rate as Deenu Baba. Zuhab Khan (Saadi), Hanzala Shahid (Kamil) and Arisha Razi (Amna) are simply amazing. Fahad Mustafa as Amna’s father and Sawat Gilani as Saadi’s mother are mature.


The background score, music and songs are nice, brilliant work by Shiraz Uppal. The scenes are impressive to create huge engagement in the audience. For instance, the try-outs of evil powers by Baba Balaam’s team is outstanding, making viewers feel that they are actually powerful. The fight sequence between 3 Bahadur and team of Tony Bhai is very smartly conceived. A true visual example of how not only power but wisdom plays a key role. Finally the climax is nail-biting.


There are a few minuses as well in 3 Bahadur – The Revenge of Baba Balaam but they are secondary. For instance, there is too much of on-the-face brand promotion. Lip-sync in a few scenes seems a little odd, but bearable. The parrot (Mitthu) reminded me of Iago, the sarcastic foul-mouthed parrot of Jaffar from Aladdin 1992 – but I suppose that’s only my way of taking it.

All in all, 3 Bahadur – The Revenge of Baba Balaam is brilliant. It is for kids and adults when it comes to entertainment value, and for those who appreciate quality work. Go watch it with your family!

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